Wick Watering for All Types of Plants
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This design features a 2 piece clear plastic pot-holder & water reservoir
Self Watering Ceramics
We produce custom ceramic pots wich are self-watering when used with our WickLock watering system.

2" (5.5 cm) Poppelmann TO5.5
4" (10 cm) Poppelmann VCD 10, VTD 10, VCC 10
5" (11 cm) Poppelmann VTD 12
6" (15 cm) Poppelmann VTD 15

for 2", 4" to 6" Flowers and Plants

• This design for wicking features a plastic nail and fiber wick
Absorbent wick hangs down into the water
Keeps plants happy, healthy and blooming

In a Retail or Home Environment
Wick Lock™ Reduces Maintenance Time,
& Increases ENJOYMENT Time!
WickLock with Ceramics

Wick Lock™ Wick Watering for 2 to 6 inch plants.
• Grow pot ffits perfectly into the ceramic
The wick hangs from pot base into the water

• A plastic nail secures the fiber wick to the soi & pot
Provides cosntant moisture

• The reservoir and holds enough water for
a week or more in average conditions

WickLock for Miniature to Large Plants
In a Retail or Home Environment Wick Lock™
Reduces Maintenance Time in watering,
& Increases ENJOYMENT Time!


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