Wick Watering for All Types of Plants
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• Extend time between waterings by up to 4 weeks
• Easy to clean. Just wash the interior and wick with hot, soapy water
• Keeps all flowering plants happy, also great for drought-sensitive ferns & foliage plants
• These low-cost, high performance self-watering covers are Intended for medium to long duration use

Components of the H2cOver Wick-System
The Qwick™ System
is composed of only two pieces, the pot-cover and wick.

2" (5.5 cm) Poppelmann TO5.5
4" (10 cm) Poppelmann VCD 10, VTD 10, VCC 10
5" (11 cm) Poppelmann VTD 12
6" (15 cm) Poppelmann VTD 15
How Does The H2cOver Work? Qwick™ cross-section
• Our design features a circular well around a cone shaped bump
• The pot rests on top of this bottom cone, it is sized to fit 2", 4", 5", & 6" pots
• The pedestal keeps soil above water-level, preventing waterlogging
• A triangular wick rests on the cone, touching the soil through the center drain holes of a standard grow-pot
• This innovative wick shape ensures two sides will always contact water, providing consistent moisture
• Snug inerior sizing ensures minimal water loss through evaporation
• Great for any flowering plants, ferns, foliage, tropicals & herbs



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Peperomia grown in 6" ceramic with Wick Lock™
Peperomia in ceramic with Wick Lock

4" pot using Wick Lock™ system
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4 inch Violet grown with WaterMaid
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4" Violet in Qwick pot cover
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the Qwick System
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